How To Effectively Clean Hotel Room Mirrors Fast

We all know how frustrating it can be to clean mirrors especially when they are extra-large. We do all sorts of things yet when we wipe them off we see that they are still dirty. Instead of looking for a new cleaner which is not the problem why not think about changing your entire method. Following is a new method that is guaranteed to get you clean streak-free mirrors every time.

Before we get to the method we need to talk about what does not work. Using steam to wipe the mirror in the hopes that when it dries it will be clean is a lost cause. Many people also still try and use newspapers to clean mirrors, although that might have worked long ago it does not work in this day in age because of the ink. Theres also a problem with using paper towels, the quality of paper towels these days is very poor. When you wipe using paper towels there is always small Bits of paper that end up staying on the mirror and making it look dirty. Another error that people often make is they use products that are not actually made for cleaning mirrors.

Here is the list of tools that you will need for this new method,

A microfiber flat mop with pads – Learn more about where to find the right kind.

High-quality glass cleaner

Rubbing alcohol

Regular cotton cleaning pad

Before we polish the mirror, first we need to get off any dirt and grime that might be on the mirror. Spray some of the rubbing alcohol onto one of your microfiber pads. Attach the pad to the mop and simply use the mop to clean the mirror. You will find that the mop is very easy to handle and reaches all the high places without you having to stand on a dangerous ladder.

Next, you’re going to want to spray down the mirror with the high-quality glass cleaner then get a brand-new clean microfiber mop pad and go ahead and mop the mirror one more time. Make sure you put special attention on the edges and corners because those are the areas that are normally neglected.

Once you have finished cleaning the mirror make sure you give it a good inspection from all angles to make sure that you have not missed anything. If there are any streaks that are present you will definitely notice them.